About Us

'ejewelsgems.com' is being developed as the most comprehensive portal on Jewelry.It aims to be the largest in the world.

The expertise of a top professional concern in Jewelry and Infotech has gone into the launching of this Portal. Target Jewel House, twice Award Winners in Jewelry Designing, are Jewelry Manufacturers and Exporters. Target Infotech are a premier Web-site Designers and Content Providers in Andhra Pradesh, with Head Office at Hyderabad, the Cybercity of India.

The Portal has 40 channels covering the Manufacture of jewelry, their Designs - old and new, the Trade Associations, the Fairs and Exhibitions, the state of Industry all over the world. On-line courses in Designing and Gemology, B2C and B2B E-commerce Channels are future value additions. In short, ejewelsgems.com covers the "Art, Science and Commerce" of Jewelry intensively as well as extensively.

Our Portal has one of the largest Directories of noted Jewelry Manufacturers, reputed Diamond, Coloured Stones and Pearls Dealers, top Jewelers and Designers from every part of the world.

The Portal has user-friendly Search Engines enabling the viewer to look at thousands of Jewelry Master-pieces from world over, classified as per Country, Article i.e. Rings, Bracelets, etc., Metal i.e. Gold, Platinum, etc. and Gems i.e. Diamonds, Rubies, etc. The Directories are classified as per Country, City, Business, etc.

It has such interesting channels as Lucky Gems, Healing Gems, Award-winning Designs in competitions and world's Famous Gems and Jewelry.

A 'Design of the Month' competition (to be launched shortly) opens up opportunities for everybody to explore their artistic talents through creating jewelry designs and win prizes too! A monthly News Digest featuring the most interesting news gathered from world's top jewelry magazines will be of interest to everyone.

Jewelry plays an important role in mankinds pursuit for a refined expression of elegance.

"A Paradise for Jewellery Shopping" is how India has been described by foreign travelers. To go shopping in the dazzling jewelry bazars and sleek shopping arcades is like being on a teasure hunt, for India offers a large and fascinating variety in designs and perfect craftsmanship.

The dignity and durability of the Indian Jewelry, their combination of beauty and superb-workmanship make them exquisite. In the face of appealing jewelry designs that Indian jewelry trade offers, a discriminating buyer often finds it difficult to decide what to look for and where to look. ejewelsgems.com presents latest creations, including classic and avant-garde jewelry, objets d'art, fancy accessories in rich varieties.

The B2C and B2B channels will have an array of reputed jewelers both Indian and foreign,listing their catalogues, selling quality-guaranteed pieces. A price-guide listing general varieties of standardised jewelry will be featured to give a comparative perspective to the viewers.The Portal is planned to have the largest shop-front anywhere. In short, ejewelsgems.com sparkles with the entire Jewelry spectrum to captivate you each time you visit us. Welcome to the glittering world of Gems and Jewelry!