Blood Troubles

Sharp reduction in the number of red corpuscles in the blood. It is usually caused by loss of blood through haemorrhage or due to disease or damage in the bonemarrow.

Sun is afflicted by Mercury in Aries or Mercury is afflicted by the Sun in Aries.

Red Coral in 6.34 Carats to 8.16 Carats and Yellow Sapphire in 4.53 Carats.

Diseases of the blood

They are syphilis, anaemia, leukeamia, laeukopenia, etc.

Saturn and Mars together in 1, 6, 12th houses, or the Sun in the 7th from the position of Saturn or Mars, or the lord of the 2nd house conjoined with Mars, or Mars in 6, 7, 10th house from the lord of the 2nd house and Mars in the 2nd or in the 8th give blood disorders.

Red Coral and Yellow Sapphire, or Moonstone.
High blood pressure
It is consistent elevation of the pressure of blood pushing against the walls of the arteries and other blood vessels, diagnosed when after repeated examinations, blood pressure measurements continue to stand above the normal range.

Sun and Mars control the heart. Jupiter the lungs, Saturn and Mercury the heart and the brain nerves and Moon the mind, mental structure, breast and chest. Gemini, Cancer and Leo govern the lungs, chest and heart respectively. Any three planets if posited in Leo or Aquarius, cause heart trouble. Gemini controls the lungs, respiratory system, bronchial tubes and nervous system. Malefics in Gemini cause heart trouble, asthma, pneumonia. Mercury in Gemini gives bronchitis and defects in the respiratory system. Saturn in Gemini gives pneumonia, consumption, bronchitis and pleurisy. Jupiter in Gemini gives pleurisy, blood disorders and lung affliction.

Conjunction of the Moon and Ketu in Gemini gives asthma, hypertension, consumption etc. Conjunction of the Moon and Saturn is also dangerous.

The 4th house from the ascendant rules our heart. Mars if afflicted in the 4th house by other malefics gives hypertension. Mars conjoined with Saturn or Rahu in the 4th house, causes hypertension. The lagna stands for self and body. Two or three malefics in the ascendant may cause hypertension. The 7th house also gives prolonged sickness as the planets in the 7th directly aspect the lagna.

Cancer governs the chest and the stomach. Malefics here give heart and stomach troubles. Saturn in Cancer causes asthmatic complaints. Mars in Cancer gives gastric fever, typhoid, enteric fever and bilious complaints.

Conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Cancer damages the heart as well as stomach as also conjunction of Moon and Ketu in Cancer. Leo causes ailments through inharmonious living and generally disturbs the heart and blood. Saturn in Leo causes organic weakness of the heart and Saturn in Aries gives cerebral troubles. Mars in Leo gives palpitation of the heart, and hypertension. Venus in Leo also causes heart troubles. Mercury in Leo gives palpitation and spasms of the heart. Rahu or Ketu in Leo also causes serious heart troubles.

Rahu in Aries gives spasmodic pains in the head and inflammation of the coverings and membranes of the brain. Saturn and Mars, or Mars and Rahu in Leo would invariably give hypertension.

Two or three strong malefics in Gemini, Cancer, Leo or Aquarius invariably cause high blood pressure. Planets posited in Aquarius directly aspect Leo and cause heart troubles.

Red Coral and Moonstone.

It is a disease of the blood, called blood cancer.
Mars governs the blood and blood-carrying veins. Ketu gives mysterious diseases Ketu or Rahu in Leo if heavily afflicted causes leukaemia. Red Coral and Gomedha or Cat's Eye, Yellow Sapphire and Gomedha.
Inflammation of the lining of small blood vessels or walls of the veins, caused by a breakdown of the valves in the veins, allowing the blood to accumulate in the legs, causing severe pain.

Venus in Aquarius ill-aspected by Mars gives this trouble.

Red Coral and Yellow Sapphire.