Childhood Troubles
Children's diseases


Moon governs the first seven years of life.

Moonstone is 2.72 Carats or 3.63 Carats of land also Silver have powers to cure all children's diseases. It is worn in a Pendant in a Silver Chain around the neck. In cases of fever, mumps, smallpox, measles, wounds, cuts, burns, brain-fever, etc., Red Coral in 3.63 Carats is used. Moonstone should not be used in winter. Generally Gems do not give uniform results all the year round and have to be changed according to changes in weather.


Bed wetting in children, due to psychological factors. The permanent cure lies in improving the parent-child relationship. In adults, it results from bladder trouble or damage to the part of the nervous system that controls bladder function.

Red Coral and Emerald.
Poliomyelitis is an acute, infectious disease that kills or cripples. It is a children's disease but older people are not exempt. Poliomyelitis is an infection of the alimentary tract and a disease of the central nervous system. Human stools are the source of the polio virus and is source of infection among human beings.

Saturn is planet for this disease governing our central nervous system situated in the brain. If the lagna is heavily afflicted by 3 or 4 malefics or the first house of the Zodiac Aries which governs our brain, has 3 or 4 malefics, this disease is caused. Libra is the opposite sign of Aries and planets posited here can directly aspect Aries and thereby poison this sign. If 2/3 malefics are in Libra or the 5th house which governs our stomach has 2 or 3 malefics or the 11th house, opposite sign of the 5th house has 2 or 3 malefics this disease is caused.

Ketu is the planet of chaos and confusion. If Ketu is posited in any of the houses. 1, 5, 7 or 11th, Poliomyelitis may be caused.

Saturn's Gem is very Light Blue Sapphire (Indra-neela). As it is too cold, its weight should not exceed 4.53 Carats for adults and 1.81 Carats for children. Children may wear a Steel Bangle instead of Blue Sapphire. Blue Sapphire should not be used singly. Use also a deep Red Coral in 7.25 Carats on the right arm and Copper Ring on second finger of left hand.