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HEALING GEMS - Healing Process

Human body’s spectrum is composed of the same seven colours of the solar spectrum. They are Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. Other colours occur as mixture of two or more of the above basic colours.

When there is a deficiency or absence of any of these primary colours in the body , the disease caused by that deficiency attacks the person. A Russian scientist has invented a camera which photographs the colour aura emanating from human bodies. Even when a disease is not yet openly showing its symptoms, the camera photographed the encircling colour aura, looking dull and darkening.


If the red rays are deficient or absent, diseases like anemia, fever, inflamation, general debility and weakness afflict the body. By wearing the gems related to the red planets which are Sun and Mars, the diseases can be cured. For this the are gems are Ruby and Red Coral. When these gems touch the skin, the red rays filtered by them from the surrounding light, enter the body and fills up the deficiency or absence.


Similarly when there are more than the required amount of red rays to maintain a healthy balance, the body gets diseased with boils, tumours, sunstroke, insomnia, headache, etc., The gems related to the Red planets i.e., Sun and Mars again control the situation, by filtering out the excess redrays from out of the body.

By bringing back the optinum balance, the body regains its health.

As a rule, the cosmic rays of the planets have a negative impact on human body. If not filtered by the atmosphere surrounding Earth, all human beings would have died of radiation of cosmic rays.

Specific Planets

According to the date of birth and the positioning of planets at the time of birth, the body gets affected by certain specific planetary rays only. These rays have definite wavelengths and set up vibrations in the body. The intensity of the vibrations vary as per the birth-number planet, Fadic (total of the numbers in the date of birth) number planet, name number planet and other planets placed negatively in the horoscope.

Maitaining Balance

The negative currents produced by these vibration give off adverse effects. Gems related to planets given above, filter the malefic rays and control the vibrations. They further draw down benefic planetary rays and balance the spectrum.

Thus, the gems worn touching the body either in rings, or pendants act as bodyguards in the matter of cosmic planetary rays and keep the body healthy and in equilibrium

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