Liver and Kidney Troubles
Bladder Trouble

Difficulties in passing urine. Excessive urine output indicates diabetes. Scanty urination causes serious kidney trouble. Painful urination indicates stones in the bladder, or enlargement of the prostate gland. Too frequent urination may be the result of mental anxiety.

The signs Libra and Scorpio rule over urinary system. Mars in Scorpio afflicted by any Malefics and Malefics in the 7th or 8th house may give rise to this disease.

Red Coral in 8.16 Carats and Yellow Sapphire in 4.53 Carats or White Coral in 8.16 Carats and Moonstone.


Inability to withhold the flow of urine due to bladder trouble or kidney trouble.

Libra and Scorpio rule over the kidney and bladder. Venus governs the kidneys, bladder and generative system. Mars governs the external sex organs. When Venus or Mars is afflicted in Libra or Scorpio, bladder troubles arise.

White Coral or Red Coral.
Small solid stones, composed of cholesterol, bile-pigment and lime which form in the gall-bladder and bile-duct, causing inflammation of the gall-bladder and swelling of the bile-ducts. When they block the flow of bile, they cause jaundice and other troubles. The symptoms are pain, nausea, vomiting and slight fever, chronic indigestion.

Saturn in Leo with several planets in Capricorn at birth-chart may cause this trouble.

Red Coral and Emerald. Yellow Sapphire or Moonstone may be used in acute cases, as additional Gems.

Inflammation of the liver due to virus infection.
Jupiter and Mercury are the main planets for this trouble.

Emerald and Yellow Sapphire. Moonstone may be used as an additional Gem.

Serious and infectious tropical disease transmitted to man by the bite of the sandfly, characterised by enlargement of the spleen (up to 10 pounds) where the parasite grows, enlargement of the liver; progressive anemia; intermittent malaria-like fever and swelling of the legs. Diagnosis is made by finding the parasite in the bloodstream and bone marrow.

Saturn governs the spleen; Jupiter the liver and Mars gives all sorts of fevers and inflammations.

Red Coral and Moonstone. Emerald may be used as an additional Gem in acute cases.