Lungs ,Heart,Muscles And Bones Troubles

The bronchial tubes are narrowed by spasmodic contractions and secrete an excess of mucous which makes breathing difficult. It is a hereditary disease.

Saturn afflicts the 4th house from the ascendant or Leo. Moon in Gemini or Leo at birth-chart gives asthmatic complaints. Mercury governs the brain-nerves and hence asthma.

Emerald in 5.44 Carats, Yellow Sapphire in 4.53 Carats. Moonstone in 5.44 Carats may be used as an additional Gem in acute cases.


Inflammation of bronchial tubes, from breathing in irritating gases, fumes or dust and exposure to cold, during the winter months or a change of season. A thick purulent fluid is raised from the lungs by coughing. Dry coughs may also occur.

Young children run the risk of bronchitis. Acute bronchitis begins with frequent bouts of coughing, more severe at night with chest pains. Other symptoms are fever and difficult breathing.

Mars or Sun during transit when coming into Gemini, Leo or Aquarius if afflicted by Saturn or Rahu cause bronchitis.

Red Coral, 6.34 Carats to 8.16 Carats on ring finger or first finger.
Heart Diseases
There are at least 20 kinds of organic heart diseases that usually affect the heart muscles, the valves of the heart or its inner or outer lining. There are functional disorders such as high blood pressure (hypertension), hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis) coronary thrombosis etc. Heart failure happens when the heart is unable to pump blood efficiently to all parts of the body. Rheumatic fever is a kind of heart disease.

The 4th house from the ascendant rules over heart. Cancer and Leo control our heart. The Planets involved are the Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, Sun, Saturn and Rahu. Moon governs the heart, Mercury the nerves, Mars the blood and brain, the Sun the brain and heart. Any three planets in Leo or Aquarius if afflicted; or Sun in Cancer, Aquarius or Pisces; or Moon in Gemini or Leo; or when the lagna is in a watery sign and lord of the langa occupies a bad house i.e., 6, 8, 12th; or when the sign Leo or Aquarius and the 4th house from the ascendant are afflicted by Mars, Rahu or Saturn; or as Saturn governs breathing and he afflicts the sign Leo or Aquarius, heart trouble is caused.

Emerald, Moonstone and Yellow Sapphire. Red Coral may be used as an additional Gem in acute cases.

Inflammation and infection of the pleura, the membrane enveloping the lungs and lining the chest cavity. It is a primary complication of tuberculosis. The symptoms are sharp pains in the lungs followed by chills, fever, dry cough and difficult breathing.
Gemini and Leo govern lungs. Jupiter and Mars in Gemini or Leo afflicted by Saturn or Rahu give this trouble. Red Coral and Yellow Sapphire. Emerald may be used at night.
Inflammation of the lungs. If both the lungs are involved, it is called double pneumonia. It appears in the winter months or any change of weather. The symptoms are shivering chills, high and rising fever, sharp pains in the chest, a painful cough and blood flecked sputum.

Sun, Jupiter or Mars during transit when coming in Gemini, Leo or Aquarius if afflicted by malefics may give this trouble.

Red Coral and Yellow Sapphire. White Coral may be used as an additional Gem.
Consumption or Phthisis or White plague, an infectious disease caused by the tubercular bacillus which may settle in bones, joints, bladder, spine, lungs, kidneys, glands, and in most cases, in the lungs. Surgery is essential to remove the affected part.

Moon, Saturn or Jupiter in Leo, Gemini or Aquarius heavily afflicted by Mars or Ketu cause this trouble.

Red Coral and Yellow Sapphire. White Pearl may be used as an additional Gem in acute cases.