Old Age Troubles
Diseases of the digestive type

Old people generally have less digestive power due to less amount of secretion of digestive enzymes. Duodenal or Gastric ulcers can cause haemorrhage or perforation with subsequent peritonitis. Cirrhosis of liver, Cholecystitis, Pancreatitis, Diverticulosis are all frequent complications in old age.

Moon controls the stomach, Sun the gastric glands, Mercury the abdominal nerves, Mars the abdominal muscles, Saturn the gastro-enteric nerves, Jupiter the liver and Venus the glands.

Combined use of Red Coral, Emerald Pittambari Nila will cure all sorts of digestive disorders.


In old age, kidneys become weak and urine is somewhat less. Frequency of micturition, especially at night may be due to hyper sensitiveness of the urinary bladder or prostrate enlargement in the case of males.

There may be occasional dribbling due to bladder trouble. More frequency, urgency and pain while passing urine indicate infection and inflammation of the bladder.

Mars and Venus, generally govern the kidneys and the urinary system.

Combined use of Red Coral, White Coral (both 3.63 Carats) and Blue Sapphire in 2.72 Carats will be of great help.
Muscular System
Due to loss of weight, the efficiency of the skeletal muscles gradually diminishes after 50 years. The efficiency of the voluntary as well as involuntary muscles also is gradually diminished.

Mercury controls and governs the entire nervous system as also Saturn. Mars governs the muscles.

Combined use of Red Coral in 3.63 Carats on ring finger, Emerald in 4.53 on middle finger and Blue Sapphire in 2.72 Carats on little finger would give wonderful results.

Ear Trouble
Older people also suffer from partial deafness or loss of hearing due to the accumulation of wax in the ear which causes burning, pain and deafness.
Saturn governs the ear. Blue Sapphire may be used to remove deafness, along with Red Coral.
During old age, endocrine glands, become weak and produce too little hormones.
Sciatica, Backache, Pain in the shoulders and knee joints appear very frequently, more so in Females.


Red Coral in 3.63 Carats on ring finger of left hand.
Bones and teeth
In old age, bones become weak and brittle due to an increase in inorganic salts. Cartilages also become more rigid. Brittle bones, which tend to break easily are hereditary. Osteomalacia, an adult form of rickets, is a softening of the bones caused by lack of vitamin D. Congenital malformations of the bones include various forms of clubfoot and dislocations of the hip and other joints.

Saturn governs both the bones and teeth,and also controls the last part of a man's life.

Blue Sapphire (in 2.72 Carats) along with Red Coral in 3.63 Carats.