Teeth And Feet Troubles
a.)Teeth Troubles
Gum Boil

Abscess at the root of a decayed tooth. A toothache is usually a sign of badly decayed tooth.

Mars causes all sorts of inflammations or boils etc.

Red Coral.


Neglect of teeth causes all dental troubles. Teeth are directly connected with the digestive system. Tooth decay is due to diet, heredity, mouth hygiene, endocrine gland activity and accumulation of tartar on the teeth. Pyorrhoea is an inflammation of the gums and membranes that cover the roots of the teeth below the gum line.

Saturn governs our teeth, and if he is heavily afflicted in 2, 9, 12th, is caused toothache.

Red or White Coral.
b.)Feet Troubles
Diseases of the feet
Common foot troubles are corns, callouses, bunions, blisters, chilblains, ringworm, excessive sweating, fractures, dislocations sprains, bruises and strains.

Saturn is the chief planet which causes foot disorders. Saturn or Venus in the 6th house or Malefics in Pisces, or Rahu or Ketu in the 1st house and Saturn in the 7th house or Malefics in Aquarius and Capricorn cause foot troubles.

Red Coral in 6.34 Carats to 8.16 Carats.