Women's Troubles

Stoppage of menstruation or a missed period, due to pregnancy or disease and especially due to hormone imbalance. Excessive fatigue and worry can cause temporary amenorrhoea.

Saturn as per his nature to obstruct and to contract everything in the body. The nature of Mars is to clear away all bodily filth and waste products, etc.

Red Coral or Copper Ring, Red Cloth or Thread on the left hand.


Painful menstruation in young women due to hormone imbalance, tumours etc.

Mars or Saturn in Scorpio if afflicted gives this ailment. Mars when afflicted gives profuse bleeding. Saturn when afflicted gives scanty bleeding with severe pain.

White and Red Coral jointly on middle finger.
A woman's lack of normal interest in or sometimes a definite aversion to sex. The causes are usually psychological, based largely on childhood fears or frightening sex experiences in childhood and adolescence.

The 8th house of the zodiac i.e., Scorpio rules over the private parts. In female horoscopes, the Moon governs the mind, mental structure, breasts. ovary, uterus, fallopian tubes and sex organs. Saturn is responsible for coldness, loneliness, melancholy and fear complex. Any affliction of Rahu or Saturn to the Moon in Scorpio or in the 7th or 8th house from the ascendant may give this trouble.

White Pearl in 9 Carats or 16.25 Carats on ring finger and little finger.

Frequent fits and faintings. It is a form of mental illness, commonly known as neurosis which includes shouting, wildly weeping and fainting.
The three mental rulers are Moon, Mercury and Saturn. Gemini, Virgo and Aquarius and the 3rd and 9th houses from the ascendant govern mind and mental structure. Rahu or Saturn with the Moon or Mercury may give this trouble. The Moon in Saturn or Capricorn or Aquarius, causes hysteria. Red Coral and Moonstone.
Menstrual disorders
Menstruation normally occurs every 28 days counted from the first day of the menstrual flow. A truly missed period may indicate pregnancy, The cycle may be upset by disease or physical shock or emotional excitement.

Moon governs the breasts, stomach, mind, mental structure, reproductive and sex organs, marriage relationship, conjugal happiness and child's health.

Mars is responsible for starting the flow by causing breakage of the uterine tissue but the actual flow and its duration is controlled by Moon. Sun comes next when the conception takes place. Generally menses occurs when Mars during transit, aspects the Moon. Both delivery of the child and menstrual flow are controlled by Moon.

White Pearl in 9 Carats or 10.81 Carats is sufficient to give sound health. In case of profuse bleeding, use Red Coral, as an additional Gem.
It is called spontaneous abortion.

Mars is the planet which causes abortions.

Red Coral and Emerald during this time.