Wounds and Pains


Combination of Rahu and Mars in the ascendant or 2nd house cause frequent accidents and injuries. Saturn on ascendant causes falls. Mars on the ascendant causes cuts and injuries to the head. Mars afflicting the luminaries be square or opposition causes accidents.

Mars or Saturn in the 3rd house causes accidents by rail or road or during short travels and if in the 5th at pleasure parties.

Red Coral or White Pearl.


As also deepseated mental stress. Standing or sitting in a peculiar position all day at work or straining the back by sudden twisting, jerking, lifting of heavy weights etc., brings about backache.

Libra rules over our back Any affliction of Libra by any malefics may cause this disease.

Red Coral in 8.16 Carats and Yellow Sapphire.
Bleeding Wounds
Cuts, wounds and accidents. Bleeding from any body opening - mouth, nose, lungs, nipples, anus, ears is a danger signal, and demands prompt medical attention.

Mars is responsible.

Red Coral .

Painful muscular contractions that affect any voluntary or involuntary muscle. Painful menstruation, abdominal pain, colic, swimmer's cramp and various occupational paralysis: like writer's cramps. Leg cramps are generally temporary failure of some muscles.
Rahu in Gemini, Cancer, Leo or Virgo causes cramps. Venus plays an important part in healing as it governs the flesh. Saturn when afflicted in Aquarius causes cramps. Red Coral, Red Cloth, Red Thread or a Copper Ring.
Headaches are due to anxiety, injuries to the head or other parts of the body, epilepsy, liver troubles, kidney troubles, eye troubles, sinus infection, fever, etc. Eye trouble is a frequent cause of headache.

The main planet is Mercury which controls the brain nerves. Other planets are Mars and Saturn. Aries governs our brain, head and forehead. Any affliction of Aries by malefics will give this trouble.

Emerald and Moonstone.