Pearls with Facets!

Now Pearls can be faceted using Diamond-cutting machines. Akoya pearls can be faceted from 8 to 9 min. South Sea Pearls from 10 to 11 min and fresh water pearls from 6 to 7 min.

Baroque pearls with good luster and nacre thicker than 0.3 min, are generally used for the purpose of faceting.

The number of facets per pearl vary from 33 facets for fresh water pearls to 70 to 80 facets for Akoya Pearls.

Faceting makes the pearl sparkle. Because different layers of the nacre are affected, the pearl usually shows different colours.

Besides, faceting helps minimise the distortions of a baroque pearl and the faceted pearls cost less than the unfaceted ones.

Faceted pearls are generally sold by the strand for necklaces and by the piece for earnings and rings.

The faceting technique was invented by 'Komatsu-Diamond Industrial Company' of Japan.

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