Eruption of pimples. Seborrhea affects the nose, checks, forehead, chin and sometimes even the eye. Older people are commonly afflected.


When Venus or Ketu is heavily afflicted in Aries, Libra or Capricorn. White Coral in 6.34 Carats to 8.16 Carats on middle finger along with Lapis Lazuli in 1.81 Carats on little finger.
Certain foods which produce excessive heat in the system, produce allergy. Allergic reactions show up on the skin, bronchial tree, nose and digestive system. Common allergic disorders are hives (urticaria), eczema, hay fever, drug rashes, bronchial asthma and headache. Some allergies are hereditary and others are acquired. Even minute quantities of an allergen can set off a violent reaction. Identify the offending allergen and avoid it.

Mars in Aries or Libra or Capri- corn. Cold Stones like Lime Moonstone, Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire and Emerald to make the body cool.
Loss of hair or absence of hair on the head, Incurable. Baldness is hereditary. Saturn controls the growth of hair. Gems cannot re- store hair. But Emerald gives life to hair-roots. Combined use of Blue Sapphire and Emerald may be useful.
Burns, chemicals, acids etc., cause limited collection of fluids under the skin ie. Blisters. Mars is responsible for all types of burns, blisters, boils, wounds etc.

Red Cloth, Red Thread, Red Coral, Copper Ring. Firstly medicine should be taken because Gems are generally used as a second line of defence against any disease.



A simple boil has a single core and may be a pimple. More serious is a mass of boils, close together and with several cores called a carbuncle. People with diabetes and kidney trouble have repeated attacks of boils. Boils are painful. Boils should not be pinched or squezed. It is caused by excessive heat in the body.

Mars during transit when passing through fiery signs causes this trouble. Moonstone in 5.44 Carats or Lapis Lazuli in 3.63 Carats.