Stomach Troubles

Over-acidity resulting from excessive production of acid in the body, accompanied by poor elimination The symptoms are rapid breathing, headache, debility and a characteristic sweetish odour in the breath. It occurs in advanced diabetes or prolonged diarrhoea, as the body loses sodium bicarbonate. Severe acidosis may result in breathlessness, coma and death as the carbon dioxide content of the blood regulates the breathing process.

When Jupiter is afflicted at birth-chart by Saturn, Ketu or Venus or Moon at Cancer or Virgo, this disease appears. Jupiter is the main planet as he controls liver.

Emerald in 4.53 Carats on middle finger. Yellow Sapphire in 4.53 Carats on ring finger. Moonstone in 5.44 Carats on small finger in acute cases.


Swelling or inflammation of the worm shaped appendix, a small finger like projection from the large bowel causing severe pain in the belly. Treatment is surgery i.e., removal of the diseased appendix.

Mars is the chief causative planet for appendicitis. Mars if afflicted by Saturn or Rahu is in Virgo or Scorpio.

Red Coral and Yellow Sapphire.
Excess of bile in the system. It is a kind of liver trouble. Jupiter controls the liver; Mercury governs abdominal nerves. Mars in Cancer or Moon in Virgo afflicted by Saturn, gives this trouble.

Blue Sapphire and Emerald or Moonstone and White Coral.


An acute, communicable disease caused by the comma-shaped cholera vibrio. In acute cases, extreme diarrhoea (rice-water stools) is accompanied by great dehydration with thirst, vomiting, pain and cramps in the abdomen, prostration and unconsciousness. Mars comes into Cancer, and gets debilitated. Mars in Virgo also causes Cholera. Jupiter in Virgo gives serious liver troubles. Cancer and Virgo govern our stomach as also the 5th house in a birth-chart. Any affliction gives stomach disorders. Emerald in 5.44 Carats and Yellow Sapphire or Moonstone.