Weight : 44.50 cts.

This Diamond is well known among the famous diamonds

more for its history and legends than for its size.

It is certain that the Hope and the Brunswick Blue

were cut from the same stone: the French Diamond.

Presently at the Smithsonian Institute in

Washington D.C., the Hope takes its name from

the London buyer, Henry Philip Hope.


Weight : 41.00 cts.

Presently it is the largest existing apple-green

pear-shaped diamond, mounted on a beautiful

brooch with two other diamonds of about 31.00

and 13.00 cts with many other smaller diamonds.


Weight : 31.00 cts.

This is a heart-shaped diamond, with a beautiful blue color.

It is said to have belonged to the Empress Eugenie.

Later, it was given as a present to the Smithsonian

Institute in Washington D.C. where it is presently exhibited.