Weight: 105.60 cts.

It is perhaps the most famous of all diamonds as it

was coveted by successive invaders of India.

After turbulent changes of ownership, it was

presented to Queen Victoria and now is on public

display in the Queen Mother's crown at the

Tower of London.


Weight : 50.00 cts.

This diamond is not only beautiful for its pear shape with

the slightly rounded point but also for its extremely rare

peach-pink color. It was bought by Louis XIII and

he bestowed it to the Prince of Conde.

In 1892 it was placed in the custody of the French

Government by the Conde family under the condition

that it must never leave the Conde Museum in Chantilly.


Weight : 55.09 cts.

As the name suggests it belongs to the South African

mine of Kimberly. The original raw stone of a beautiful

chamapagne color was particularly pure. First cut in a

long, flat shape, it belonged to the Russian Crown.

Later, it was cut into a modern shape in 1921.

In order to better its proportions and increase its light,

it was again re-cut in 1958.